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Snooze Cube Dubai Airport

Dubai Airport Snooze Cube Sleep boxDubai International Airport has become the first airport in the region to introduce modular sleeping pods that offer travellers comfort, privacy, entertainment and connectivity at the world’s 4th busiest airport for international passenger traffic.

The sleep boxes at Dubai Airport called SnoozeCube contains a full-sized bed, a touch-screen television offering a selection of entertainment and music, as well as high speed internet access. Most importantly, the snooze cube units are connected to Dubai airport’s flight information system to ensure that during rest and relaxation, passengers do not miss their flights. As many as 10 of the sound-proofed units have been installed adjacent to Gate 122 at Dubai Airport’s Terminal 1 and are already proving to be a major attraction.

Commenting on the launch of SnoozeCube at Dubai International, Eugene Barry, Vice President of Commercial at Dubai Airports said,

“We are always looking at ways to enhance the level of comfort and indeed the overall customer experience at Dubai International. The SnoozeCube is certain to have a positive effect on both.”

The creator of the SnoozeCube, Larry Swann said that Dubai Airports’ desire to be the first airport to install the system was a reflection of the emirate’s vision to continually enhance the travellers’ experience, particularly at its points of entry and departure.

“Adopting innovative ideas has helped keep Dubai at the forefront of the travel and tourism industries,” said Swann. “And the SnoozeCube is the perfect fit. Having researched airports around the world I realised that the travel experience can be enhanced by providing passengers a place to rest that is convenient, affordable, comfortable and safe.”

During the pilot phase, the SnoozeCube at Dubai Airport has been an instant hit with passengers at Dubai Airport particularly among transfer/transit passengers with shorter layover times. It can be used on an hourly basis with rates starting from AED 65 (approx. US$ 17.80) per hour for the first 4 hours.

Designed and built in New Zealand, the launch of the Dubai Airport SnoozeCube is a further endorsement of the country’s reputation for creating high quality, innovative products, according to Dubai-based Steve Jones, New Zealand Trade Commissioner for Middle East, Africa and Pakistan who said..

“Given our country’s strong culture of innovation, resourcefulness and creativity in business it’s not surprising the SnoozeCube has been created by a New Zealander. We are confident SnoozeCube will become a familiar name for the millions of passengers travelling to Dubai and in other airports around the world in the months and years to come,” he said.


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  1. Hi Vera,

    Unfortunately we can not look for it as we are simply a guide to Dubai Airport not the official website for the airport. Please contact Dubai Airport’s lost and found department as advised previously.


    Dubai Airport Guide

  2. Vera says:

    Thak you for quick answer! but i want to repeat that he lost his passport in hotel Snooze cube!!! Can you look for it??

  3. Dear Vera,

    Thank you for contacting us and we are sorry to hear that your friend has lost their passport in a snoozecube at Dubai Airport.

    You need to get in contact directly with Dubai Airport as we are a guide to Dubai airport. Please see below.

    We recommend that you get in contact directly with the lost and found department at Dubai Airport by following the link we have attached for you below or by contacting Dubai International Airport’s dedicated 24-hour lost baggage claim line on: +971 4 224 5383.

    contact form

    You can submit your details including all relevant flight numbers etc via the online form provided.

    The ‘Lost & Found’ office at Dubai Airport is located in the underground level of Dubai International’s Terminal 1 Departures and is controlled and staffed by Dubai Police personnel 24/7.

    Kind Regards

    Dubai Airport Guide

  4. Vera says:

    my friend was in snooze cube as a guest 3 of jule 2012 and he lost his pasport there. we wrote to dubai airport but don’t have a reply!!! my friend has a big problem he can’t go in country because don’t have a pasport But hotel and airport have a silent about his document!!! His name is Chugaynov Andrew! Help him please

  5. Mr Khalid Ghurki says:

    This is an excellent facility for passengers, In the shape of snooze cubes…!

    Insha Allah i will use it especially when I travel to anywhere in the world by connecting at Dubai airport !!!

    I pray for snooze cubes

    Khalid Ghurki

  6. Dear Alex,

    We are sorry to hear that the snoozecube website for dubai airport was down when you looked. It is loading ok for us so you may want to try again.

    Unfortunately we can not advise you any further on this but you will be able to organise the use of one of these snoozecubes when you arrive at dubai airport.

    Kind Regards

    Dubai Airport Guide

  7. Alex Tan says:

    Is it possible if I just walk in? I’m unable to open the snooze cube webpage to book.

    My transit hours is 14 hours before connecting the flight back to Malaysia so I really need a room to rest and sleep. Please advise.

  8. Hi Patricia,

    You can book a snooze cube at Dubai Airport by clicking HERE

    Whether or not you need a visa for Dubai depends on several factors but we advise you to check this with the airline you are travelling with as they will be able to help you obtain a visa for Dubai should you require one.

    Kind Regards

    Dubai Airport Guide

  9. How do I book a snooze cube and do I need a visa for Dubai if this is just a stop over / connection flight to Hong Kong

  10. […] out for the Snooze Cubes, installed by gate 122 in Term 1. Around $17.50 US (AED 65) for 4 hours…ube-sleep-box/ Add a shower and workout at the G Force Club for another $17.50 and you have a basic 1/2 day hotel […]