Dubai Airport Arrivals Terminal 2

Terminal 2 Arrivals at Dubai Airport

Arrivals at Dubai Airport Terminal 2Dubai Airport Terminal 2 was constructed in 1998 and has a capacity of just over 5 million passengers, after several, well thought out reconstructions.

Terminal 2 at Dubai Airport is mainly used by smaller airlines operating in the Persian Gulf region. Most flights to terminal 2 dubai airport operate to Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Terminal 2 at Dubai International Airport is used by around 26 airlines and consists of 36 check in counters.

For live flight arrival information at Terminal 2 Dubai Airport visit our main arrivals page by using the navigation menu at the top of this page.

In June 2009, Terminal 2 became the hub of Flydubai at Dubai Airport, which is also where the airline’s corporate head office is located.

Dubai International Terminal 2 has undergone major refurbishments in recent years which has seen the extending of check-in and boarding facilities, changing the interior and exterior décor and offering more dining choices to passengers.

Dubai Terminal 2 also increased the number of facilities available to passengers. Check-in counters were increased to 36. The boarding area is more spacious, with more natural light. Also the new open boarding gates allow several flights to board simultaneously, improving passenger and aircraft movements.

In June 2011, the airport authorities were beginning to expand Terminal 2, and involved a new check-in hall and departure area, and possibly extending the terminal building. The main hall at Terminal 2 Dubai Airport consists of a check-in area, an immigration section, management offices, and a departure facility.

The Dubai duty-free shopping area covers 1,400 m2 (15,000 sq ft) in departures and 50 m2 (540 sq ft) in arrivals. The 3,437 m2 (37,000 sq ft) extension included a larger arrivals hall as well.

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  1. fasalurahman says:

    I have taken ticket from Dubai to manglore on 3 rd may -2014 in air india express flight number IX 384. I want to know new schedule departure time and where is the departure airport

  2. Please contact the airline you are travelling with regarding the transfer of your luggage as they may be able to assist you with this.

  3. Javid says:

    I have a flight from Kabul with fly Dubai to terminal 2 . then i have another flight of gulf airways to catch from terminal 1. So could any one please assist me on how to transfer my luggage from terminal 2 to terminal 1, because the flights are not connected. I have almost 9 hours of stayin Dubai between my flights.

    Thank you

  4. Sara says:

    Where should i carry my first-aid kit, in my hand bag or my check-in luggage? Must i have a doctor’s perscription for all the medication that i have in my first-aid kit?

  5. Thank you for contacting us and we are sorry to hear that you have lost this item on a flight to Dubai International Airport.

    We recommend that you get in contact directly with the lost and found department at Dubai Airport by following the link we have attached for you below or by contacting Dubai International Airport’s dedicated 24-hour lost baggage claim line on: +971 4 224 5383. It may also be a good idea for you to contact the airline you were travelling with directly regarding this matter.

    contact form

    You can submit your details including all relevant flight numbers etc via the online form provided.

    The ‘Lost & Found’ office at Dubai Airport is located in the underground level of Dubai International’s Terminal 1 Departures and is controlled and staffed by Dubai Police personnel 24/7.

    Kind Regards

    Dubai Airport Guide

  6. Jamal alqahtani says:

    Today in dubai terminal 2 i loss my hand bag my flight no.867 to dammam by fly dubai
    What i can do ?

  7. عزيزي محمد،

    شكرا على اتصالك بنا ونحن نأسف أن نسمع أن كنت قد فقدت عنصر على متن رحلة جوية عبر مطار دبي.

    من المستحسن أن تحصل على اتصال مباشر مع وزارة المفقودة والتي عثر عليها في مطار دبي عن طريق اتباع الرابط لدينا تعلق لك في الأسفل أو عن طريق الاتصال مطار دبي الدولي على مدار 24 ساعة مخصصة استلام الأمتعة المفقودة على خط: +971 4 224 5383.


    يمكنك إرسال التفاصيل الخاصة بك بما في ذلك جميع أرقام الخ الطيران ذات الصلة من خلال استمارة على الانترنت المقدمة.

    يقع ‘المفقودات’ مكتب في مطار دبي في مستوى تحت الأرض من الخروج دبي الدولي لل1 الطرفية، ويتم التحكم ويعمل بها أفراد شرطة دبي 24/7.

    مع أطيب التحيات

    مطار دبي دليل

  8. mohd alhassan mohd says:

    السادة المحترمين بمطار دبى صالة ٢
    تحية طيبة وبعد
    مررت بمطار دبى صالة رقم ٢ قادما من الخرطوم الى الدوحة يوم الخميس ٣٠-٨-٢٠١٢ الساعة ١٧-١٥ بعد الظهر على طائرة شركة فلاى دبى وعند دخولنا الى الصالة مررنا بجهاز اشعة اكس وقمنا بوضع جميع المتعلقات المحمولة معنا داخل الجهاز وكان ان نسيت ابنتى علوية محمد الحسن جهاز الموبايل الخاص بها على الجهاز ولم تاخذه من الناحية الاخرى وهو جهاز ماركة بلاك بيرى بولت اسود اللون ومكثنا حوالى ساعة داخل المطار ولم تتذكر ابنتى الموبايل الابعد وصولها للدوحة ..وبما ان الموبايل يحتوى على صور عائلية وارقام مهمة جدا ..ارجو الافادة عن مصيره ولامانع لدى من ارسال قيمة شحنه بالبريد الممتاز الى الدوحة على عنوانى
    دولة قطر الدوحة ص ب ١٣٦ محمد الحسن محمد محمد احمد ت ٥٥٢٩٦٣١٢
    وتقبلوا تحياتى

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