Dubai Airport Left Luggage Facility

Left Luggage at Dubai Airport

Dubai Airport Left Luggage FacilityThere is a left luggage facility at Dubai Airport terminal One, once you have exited the baggage hall, near the Taxi ranks. Just walk down past the taxi rank about 50 metres and you will see a room where they store luggage at Dubai Airport.

It costs 20 dirhams per 12 hours, so 40 dirhams per full day per bag. If you ask someone as you exit the terminal, they can also help you.

Dubai Airports left luggage facility phone number is: +9714 2161734.

If you have time, it is cheaper to leave it at the Cargo Village, just exit Dubai Airport terminal one and you will see a sign on a building close by. There you can leave bags for 15 dirhams per day, Phone number  +9714 2111111.

If you are flying on Emirates, they also have a left luggage as you exit terminal 3, just in the arrivals hall although this is more expensive.

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  1. Please contact the official dubai airport website reagrding this as they will be able to advise you further

  2. Ali Imran says:

    Good. Morning
    I m traveling from London heathrow I like to keep my bag for 13 days I like to know
    How much it’s charge and how far is from airport

  3. Sanford Kennard says:

    I am coming to Dubai and I need to leave my luggage at the airport for 7 days. I need to know if I can do this and what is the price?

  4. Hi,

    Please get in contact directly with the relevant department at Dubai Airport regarding this as they will be able to help you further regarding this matter.

  5. LA says:

    Hi ..I am coming from Infia to Dubai…I need to leave a bag in Dubai for about 15 days as am going onward to Africa. I will pick it up on my way back.Is it possible to leave the bag in the cargo village? Is the cargo village open 24 hours?
    Or, is it possible for me to drop this in left luggage for a friend in Dubai to pick up & drop it back to left luggage for me to pick up on my way back through Dubai as I will only be transitting for 3 hours. Only issue is I have a single entry visa.

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