Departures at Dubai International Airport

Dubai Airport Departures

It is advisable to allow as much time as possible before your flight departure at Dubai Airport although between 2 and 3 hours should give you plenty of time to check in and pass through passport control.

The Terminal 1 departures drop off area can sometimes become quite congested so if someone is dropping you off at Dubai Airport, you may find that it is more convenient to use one of the Dubai Airport Car Parks, especially if you are planning to have a drink or a bite to eat with whoever is dropping you off before your flight departs from Dubai International Airport.

Busy periods for Dubai Airport departures tend to be during the evenings from around 7pm onwards and during this time it is likely that there will be crowds at the departure terminal. If you are approaching Dubai Airport from the Garhood Bridge area, the traffic queues just to access Dubai Airport can hold you up for around 15-30 minutes, possibly longer.

Do not forgot to check the new rules about taking liquids with you in your hand luggage. Clear plastic bags must be used with no individual container over 100 ml and with a total liquid capacity not exceeding 1 litre. Alternatively, place the majority of your liquids in your checked luggage.

Facilities at Dubai Airport

Passenger facilities at Dubai Airport for departing passengers consist of the world renowned Dubai Duty Free and Dubai Airport shopping mall. There is a wide variety of restaurants and bars at Dubai Airport to choose from and facilities and services include banks, a post office, health club (with pool), medical center, prayer rooms, business centers and first and business class lounges. The majority of facilities and serives at Dubai International Airport are open 24 hours a day.

Please be aware that departure gates tend to close 15-20 minutes before the flight departure. If you happen to be an Emirates Airlines passenger who is departing from Terminal 3 at Dubai Airport and your boarding pass has a gate number starting with the number 1, make sure you leave enough time to get to the gate as it is quite a long walk.

Dubai Airport Check-in & Boarding

Dubai Airport’s Terminal 1 has 5 check-in areas (A to E) which consist of 189 counters. Passengers can check their flight status on the plasma flight information screens located at the entrance of each check-in area. Every airline starts the check-in process at Dubai Airport 3 hours prior to departure.

Terminal 2 consists of 36 check-in counters, 2 of which are for passengers travelling with oversized baggage and one which is dedicated solely for the exclusive use of airline crew.

Terminal 3 features 15 First Class, 15 Business Class and 126 Economy Class check-in counters at Dubai Airport. Self check-in kiosks are also available. Additionally, passengers of Emirates Airline can opt for their online check-in service.

All boarding gates at Dubai Airport open approximately 90 minutes prior to the flight departure and close 20 minutes before the flight departs.