Nol Travel Pass –  Dubai

What is a Nol Card?

The Dubai Nol Card is a travel pass that enables people to pay for the use of various different modes of transport in Dubai with a single card. People who obtain a Nol Card in Dubai can use it to travel on Dubai’s Buses, Metro, Water Buses as well as pay for RTA’s (Roads and Transport Authority) Paid Parking.

There are several different types of Dubai Nol Cards that are available so whether you are a frequent traveller or a just a visitor, Nol Cards are available in four different types to meet everyone’s needs.

Why Should I get a Nol Travel Card?

There are many benefits as to why you should get a Nol Card and this is especially the case with frequent users of Dubai’s public transport system. The RTA introduced the Nol Card specifically for the publics convenience in mind and to create a new, convenient way to travel around Dubai. Cash will not be accepted for payment to use the Dubai Metro, Buses and Water Buses.

Benefits of Nol Cards

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use and top-up
  • Acceptable on Dubai’s Metro, Bus, Water buses, and Parking
  • Automatically calculate and deduct the correct cost of your trip
  • You can travel around Dubai and pay for parking using a single card
  • You no longer need to carry cash or worry about correct change
  • You will enjoy low cost fares and flexible transfers across different types of transport in Dubai
  • You can enjoy having special fares for different concession types of nol blue card (for Students, Senior Citizens and Disabled passengers)
  • Many new features and benefits are constantly being added


Nol Card Security

The Nol Card in Dubai contains a tamper-proof chip and an antenna which allows both the card and the reader to communicate through radio waves via a wireless communication. This ensures a secure, fast and reliable transaction every time the Nol Card is used. The Nol travel card is also very well designed to prevent fraudulent use and to ensure the fares are calculated correctly every time.

Using the Nol Card

How to Use the Nol CardJust Touch & Go!

With the Nol Travel Card in Dubai, all you need to do is ‘touch & go’, this means that all you have to do is simply tap your card on a the card reader at the entry and exit gates of the Dubai Metro and Dubai Waterbus stations, at the entrance of every RTA Bus and on all RTA parking meters.

The Nol Card system will then automatically deduct the correct fare from your Nol card. The Nol Card is very quick and easy to use and means you no longer need to carry cash to get around Dubai city or other areas throughout the Emirate of Dubai.

Checking in & Checking out with the Dubai Nol Card

Video on Checking in & out with the Dubai Nol CardHow to Check In

In most cases you will not need to remove your Nol Card from your wallet to check in. Other cards in your wallet will remain unaffected by your Nol Card.

However, you will fail to check in if you have more than one Nol Card in your wallet.

Find the list of Do’s and Don’ts when using the Nol Card in the section below.

  • Ensure you have a minimum balance of AED 1.80 on your card.
  • Approach the gates of the Dubai Metro or the entrances of the Dubai Bus / Water Bus.
  • Place your Nol Card on the card reader.
  • Wait to hear a beep or look for the green light which signals a successful check-in.
  • Pass through the gate / entrance.


How to Check Out

  • Approach the exit gates of Metro or the exit doors of Bus / Water Bus
  • Place your Nol Card on the card reader
  • Wait to hear a beep or look for the green light which signals a successful check-out
  • Pass through the exit gate / entrance
  • At this point, the gate will automatically calculate and display the cost of your trip/journey based on the number of zones you have passed and also display the remaining balance of your card.


The correct fare should be calculated and deducted from your Nol Card. To find out how your Nol card fare is calculated click here. If for any reason you feel that the public transport operator has charged your Nol Card incorrectly you can file a claim online at Nol e-Services. Alternatively, you can file a claim by calling the RTA Customer Service at 800 90 90 or visit any Nol Card ticket office.

Where to Buy and Top up Your Nol Card

Nol Card Types

Nol Card Fares & Zones

Dubai Nol Card Fares & ZonesWe have a seperate information page on Nol card Fares and Zones where you can find out how the cost of your trip is calculated and automatically deducted from your Nol card.

This section is where you will find the Nol card zone map with information on the 5 different nol card zones in Dubai and which public transport services you can use with your Dubai nol card.

How to Get your Nol Card

Range of Nol CardsFor details and advice on how to obtain your Nol Card visit our page on How to Get your Nol Card which also includes information of the different Nol cards that are available and which Nol Card is best suited to your specific travel requirements in Dubai.

Nol Card Tips & Rules

Do - Nol Card Rules

Keep your Nol Card in a protective pouch.

Ensure to check-out to avoid getting over-charged.

Make sure your Nol Card has a minimum of AED 1.80.

Make sure your Nol Red Ticket has a minimum of 1 single trip.

If your Nol Card is rejected at a reader, wait until the indicator light stops flashing, then try again.

Ensure your Nol Blue Card is not used by anyone other than you.

If you lose your Nol Blue Card, call the RTA Customer Service at 800 90 90 to report the loss immediately.

Don't Nol Card RulesHold more than one Nol Card over a reader at one time.

Hold your Nol Card too quickly over a reader which can lead to an incomplete transaction. In such cases, touch the same Nol Card again as required until the transaction is completed.

Bend, write on, scratch, tap, cut or paste stickers or photos on your Nol Card.

Put your Nol Card in your back pocket as the microchip on the card can be damaged when you sit down.

Allow another person to use your Nol Blue Card.

Avoid penalties on Bus by paying attention to the Bus Penalty Rules.

Avoid penalties on Metro by paying attention to the Metro Penalty Rules.