Connecting Flights at Dubai Airport

Being a major international transfer hub airport, Dubai International has a sleek and streamlined process in connecting travellers. Every day they manage thousands of transfer passengers. Here is how they make your dubai airport flight connection quick and seamless.

Find your transfer desk

The dedicated transfer desks will provide you with the boarding pass for your onward flight.

Find them by:

  • Following the signs
  • Using the interactive maps
  • Asking May I Help You staff
  • Consulting one of the many Information Zones

Terminal 1 (C Gates)

  • Use transfer desk A if you are flying with Emirates or Qantas
  • Use transfer desks B and C for all other airlines
  • Transfer desk E (on the lower level) is for passengers transferring from Terminal 2

Terminal 2 (F Gates)

  • The transfer desk is in the arrivals hall, just before passport control

Terminal 3 (A, B and C Gates)

  • Transfer desks G, H and J are for all passengers

Moving between terminals

When you have a connecting flight between A, B or C Gates, all these gates are within walking distance. The only exceptions are the A Gates and for these you can take the airport train.

If you have a flight connecting to or from F Gates (located across the tarmac), your airline will tell you what to do. Services include free shuttle buses, Marhaba service and public transport.

Moving between airports

Your flight connection at Dubai Airport may require you to change from Al Maktoum International (DWC) to Dubai International (DXB), or vice versa. If this is the case then you need to clear immigration and collect your baggage before taking a taxi or Dubai Metro to Ibn Battuta station where you will be able to take a dedicated bus to Al Maktoum International (DWC).