Nol Card Zones & Fares

Nol Card Zone Map - DubaiThe Nol Card Zones in Dubai are divided into 5 zones as shown on the image to the left. Each of the Nol card zones include Metro stations, Bus stations and Water bus stations. Your journey throughtout Dubai using the Nol Card can be made using the various modes of public transport which are at your disposal within each of the different Nol zones.

Your Nol card will simply be charged at the end of your journey according the total number of Nol Card zones you have passed through in Dubai.

Be sure to familiarise yourself with the Nol Card Transfer Rules in the section below if you would like to maximise your benefits and transfer across the Dubai Bus and Dubai Metro services.

A breakdown of Nol Fares for the various Nol Card types are shown in the table below:

Nol Card Fares

Nol Card Transfers

To enable complete start to end journeys in Dubai with your Nol Card, transfers using different modes of public transport such as the Dubai Metro or Dubai Bus has been made possible. However, passengers wishing to travel between 2 different modes of public transport in Dubai must ensure that they do this within 30 minutes.

For example, passengers can travel on the Metro in Dubai and then transfer to a Dubai Bus to reach their final destination. After checking-out from the Dubai Metro station, passengers will have 30 minutes to check-in on a Bus in Dubai. Having carried out the transfer with your Nol Card on time your Dubai Metro and Dubai Bus trips will be charged as a single Journey based on the total number of Nol Card zones which have been passed in the 2 trips combined.

To maximise your benefits, please follow the Nol Card transfer rules below. Please note that These Nol Card Transfer Rules apply to one-way journeys only. This means that if you check out from a station and then check in at the same station, this will be considered a new journey and not a transfer.

Nol Card Transfer Rules

Nol Red Ticket

Red Ticket Nol CardThe Nol Red Ticket is a paper ticket that can be topped up with 10 trips and used only on one mode of transport in Dubai at a time and which allows people who are planning on using public transport in Dubai to make single trips and pay only for the exact trip they travel.

Nol Fare Prices will of course depend on the number of nol zones that you transfer through.

The Nol Red Ticket can be purchased from any ticket vending machine at any time from as little as AED 2

For more information on the various Nol cards that are available visit our page on How to Get your Nol Card

Other Nol Card Fares

Dubai Water Bus

Dubai Water Buses

You can also use your Nol Card or Nol Ticket to use the Water Bus in Dubai. The Dubai Water Bus has a fixed fare of AED 2 for a one way trip. You can buy the Nol Red Ticket from any Marine ticket office located at the Dubai Water Bus stations and top it up with up to 10 trips which can be used on any of the Water Buses in Dubai.

If you have a Nol Silver, Nol Gold or Nol Blue Card, you can use the Water Bus in Dubai by adding value to your e-purse and simply using your Nol card which will deduct the fare automatically. Please note transfers are not applicable from/to Dubai Water Buses and the maximum duration of the trip can not exceed 3 hours.

Nol Card Parking Fares

Paid Parking

If you have a Nol Silver, Nol Gold or Nol Blue Card, you can pay for parking in Dubai using your Nol card by adding value to your e-purse and simply using your Nol card at any of the RTA parking meters.

If you would like to plan your journey in Dubai see our section on how you can do this efficiently with the Wojhati Journey Planner.

To view the Paid Parking zone fares in Dubai see the table below.

Nol Card Parking Fares