Dubai Taxis

Taxis at Dubai International Airport

Dubai Airport TaxisTaxis are a popular way to get around Dubai. Taxis in Dubai are metered and reasonably priced with professional and courteous drivers.

The Dubai Taxi Corporation are the official government run taxis at Dubai International Airport.

Dubai Airport taxis are available 24 hours a day and the taxi ranks can be found directly outside each of the Terminal building arrival areas. The drivers all have a good knowledge of the tourist attractions, hotels and other major locations in Dubai. All Dubai airport taxi drivers also command more than one language.

The taxis at Dubai Airport are all metered cabs and are calculated according to the distance recorded.

See the sections below for a full list of Dubai Airport taxi fares.

To enquire about taxi costs to various destinations The Dubai Taxi agency can be contacted direct on +971 (0) 4 208 0808.

You will find that taxis are generally located everywhere throughout Dubai and there is always a few taxis waiting outside every hotel and major tourist destination. Taxis in Dubai are very inexpensive and one of the most popular modes of transport for people wanting to get around Dubai quickly and conveniently.

However, we recommend booking a taxi via our online Dubai airport transfer booking service as you may find this to work out cheaper and more convenient. Use the information menu above to view details on transfers and to find out more.

Getting to the airport

Either order ahead by calling +971 (0) 4 208 0808 or flag down a taxi on the road.

You can spot Dubai Transport Corporation taxi cabs by their cream colour. Taxis which have a pink trim have female drivers.

Going from the airport

Simply follow the signs to the official taxi ranks located at each of the terminals at Dubai Airport or ask a member of the May I Help You team. The taxi ranks at the airport are well organised with taxis waiting 24/7.

There’s an AED20 flat charge from Dubai airport. A taxi cab to the furthest part of Dubai city such as Dubai Marina for instance will cost around AED100.

Other taxis

Dubai Transport also provides a special limousine service and the majority of hotels offer transport for their guests.

Dubai also has numerous taxi and limousine service companies whose numbers are available at all hotels in Dubai.

Dubai Airport Taxi Fares

Minimum Taxi Fare Dh 10.00
Additional charge for going to or passing Sharjah Dh 20.00
Starting Meter Charge From Dubai International Airport Dh 25.00
Running Meter Charges Per KM Dh 1.75
Running Meter Charges Every 571 metres Dh 1.00
Waiting Charges Per Hour Dh 30.00


Sharing Taxi Fares in Dubai

This particular type of taxi fare in Dubai is only available at the bus station starting point in the Al Ghubaiba Area and consists of 20 Taxi’s

Minimum Taxi Fare Dh 10.00
Additional charge for going to or passing Sharjah Dh 20.00
Ticket Rate Per Passenger to Abu Dhabi Dh 50.00
Ticket Rate Per Passenger to Jebel Ali Dh 15.00

Special Needs Taxi Van Fares in Dubai

Minimum Taxi Fare Dh 10.00
Additional charge for going to or passing Sharjah Dh 20.00
Hourly Rates
1 Hour Dh 50.00
3 Hours Dh 150.00
6 Hours Dh 300.00
12 Hours Dh 600.00
24 Hours Dh 1200.00

General Taxi Fares in Dubai

Minimum Taxi Fare Dh 10.00
Additional charge for going to or passing Sharjah Dh 20.00
Starting Meter Charge Day Time – 6.00am to 10.00pm
Hired on Road / Street Pick up Dh 3.00
Booking Through Dispatch Centre Dh 6.00
Starting Meter Charge Night Time – 10.00pm to 6.00am
Hired on Road / Street Pick up Dh 3.50
Booking Through Dispatch Centre Dh 7.00
Dubai International Airport Area Dh 7.00
Running Meter Charges Every 625 metres Dh 1.00
Running Meter Charges Per KM Dh 1.60
Waiting Charges Per Hour Dh 30.00
Daily Rates within Dubai : —-
6 Hours of Taxi Service Dh 1.00
12 Hours of Taxi Service Dh 1.00


Disabled Taxi Services at Dubai AirportDisabled Taxi Services in Dubai

The Dubai Taxi organisation provides a number of taxis in Dubai for special needs passengers to make their transportation throughout the emirate more comfortable. Labeled as ‘Special Wheel for a Special Need’, the Dubai Special Needs Taxis include many features including a wheel chair, special access platforms and flexible seating arrangement to accommodate the physically-challenged passengers and their companions.

Dubai Taxi drivers have been given special training to handle special needs customers at Dubai Airport. The special needs taxi service from Dubai Airport is available 24-hours a day with a starting fare of Dh25. From 6am to 10pm, the starting meter will be Dh6 from anywhere in Dubai and at night 10pm to 6am, a starting fare of Dh7 applies. The designated disabled taxis in Dubai have a universal special needs blue icon logo placed on the side passenger doors and back window.

Alternative Public Transport at Dubai Airport

Apart from getting a taxi from Dubai Airport, there are various other forms of public transport available which you can use to get to your destintation. We have dedicated information pages on each of the public transport services available at Dubai which include buses at Dubai Airport and the Dubai Metro.

Alternative modes of transport that may be of interest to you are booking a private transfer from Dubai Airport or hiring a car at Dubai Airport. Use the navgation bar located at the top of the page to find out more.