Dubai Tourist Information

Dubai Airport Tourist InformationIf you are planning a visit or holiday to Dubai you may be unsure about Dubai’s local laws and what you can and can not do in Dubai.

This is specifically why we have created a dedicated section on Dubai tourist information which includes important information on topics such as what is allowed in Dubai, drinking alcohol in Dubai, what to wear in Dubai, laws for couples in public in Dubai and much, much more on Dubai tourist rules and regulations.


Dubai Tourist Attractions & Excursions

Tourism in Dubai has grown significantly in recent years and whether your trip to Dubai is for business or pleasure, you can be sure to find an enormous selection of tourist attractions in Dubai to fit in perfectly with your trip. A holiday to Dubai would not be complete without a trip into the desert or a visit to the beach. We have covered a range of Dubai excursions that offer a taste of the true heartland of the emirate of Dubai. the natural beauty and tranquillity of the desert and the sea can be experienced through a choice of exciting Dubai safaris, Dubai boat cruises and Dubai seaplane tours.

Many of the hotels in Dubai will be able to organise and offer a wide variety of Dubai tours to ensure that you get the most out of your business or tourist trip to Dubai. Alternatively, you can just visit our section on things to do in dubai where you can view all of the tours in Dubai, including private dubai tours and book your tour in dubai direct via our website with our recommended tour partners viator.

Shopping in Dubai

One of Dubai’s greatest attractions is shopping in Dubai. Tourists in Dubai will find that there are many bargains to be found when shopping in Dubai due to Dubai city’s tax-free status. A wide selection of modern air-conditioned shopping malls in Dubai offer very attractive prices on the largest possible range of international brand names in electronics, stereo equipment, cameras, watches, textiles, perfumes, cosmetics and much, much more.

The ancient “souks” or markets in Dubai also offer a romantic setting for the purchase of spices, antiques, rugs, and silverware. A large selction of items are also available for purchase at Dubai Airport Duty Free.

Dubai Beaches, Parks, Weather & Temperature

Spotlessly clean, white sandy beaches in Dubai along with crystal clear seawater make Dubai’s beaches a very popular destination for residents and visitors in Dubai. Dubai is also home to a variety of family-friendly parks that are able to cater to any Dubai tourists interests or needs whether you plan to take a stroll by the beach or simply enjoy the surrounding nature in Dubai.

Dubai is fortunate enough to enjoy perfect weather and temperature conditions all year round and our section on Dubai weather is where you will find a season by season break down of what kind of weather to expect in Dubai when you plan to visit.

Dubai Family Attractions

Families in Dubai are literally spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding what family attractions to visit in Dubai. Things to do in Dubai include options such as visiting ski slopes to ice rinks, zoo’s to indoor entertainment, Dubai water parks and wonderlands, the Dubai Aquarium aswell as an enormous range of exciting activities in Dubai for adventurous and fun-loving people. The choice for tourists in Dubai are endless and the only limit will be trying to decide which attractions to visit in Dubai during your stay!

Dubai Museums & Historic Sites

If you would like to know more about the history of Dubai then you will find a variety of Dubai Museums throughout the city that chronicle the history of the Emirate of Dubai. A visit to a museum in Dubai and Dubai’s historic sites is highly recommended for anyone wishing to discover Dubai’s stunning architecture, rich culture, and proud Dubai traditions.