Luggage Allowances on Dubai Metro

The recent opening of 7 new stations on the Dubai Metro and the Airport Terminal 1 station in particular has prompted The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to revise its baggage / luggage policy for Dubai Metro users.

With the Dubai Metro now linking Dubai Airport’s Terminals 1 and 3 as far as Ibn Battuta, the new RTA guidelines enable travelers with luggage to use the trains to and from Dubai airport.

Commuters on the Dubai Metro are allowed to carry the amount of luggage that is standard for an Emirates Airlines Economy Class passenger, this represents:

  • 2 bags of varying sizes
  • W 81 x H 58 x D 30 cm, for the larger bag
  • W 55 x H 38 x D 20 cm, for the smaller bag
  • No weight specification; this has been left to the discretion of the Metro staff
  • Allowed to be carried during all hours of Metro Service

The Director of Rail Operations at the RTA Ramadan Mohammed Abdullah stated:

“Two bags are allowed per passenger. The passenger should be able to carry or pull the items on his own without any help and without causing any inconvenience to others or damage the public property.”

“Any passenger carrying the baggage of the specified dimension will be allowed to board the trains to and from Dubai Airport Terminal 1 or any other station and the policy is not restricted to air travelers only, although it is intended to help the air-bound passengers.”

Passengers travelling on the Dubai Metro should not however expect porter service or help from the Dubai Metro staff in transporting their luggage on the Metro system. In addition, Airport trolleys are not allowed in the Metro stations as there are security issues involved with their use and even in international airports trolleys are allowed only up to a certain point.

Specific areas in each Metro rail car have been designated for baggage, and new signage has also been installed to inform passengers travelling on the Dubai Metro about the new regulations.

This change should significantly ease the transportation of passengers to and from Dubai Airport.

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