Dubai Airports Scrap Full Body Security Scanners

Police in Dubai have announced that full-body security scanners will not be used at the airports due to the fact that the devices do not correspond with national customs and ethics

Ahmad Mohammad Bin Thani, head of airport security said that the security scanners “contradict Islam,” andf that the idea was scrapped “out of respect for the privacy of individuals and their personal freedom.”

The security scanners at Dubai Airport will be replaced with other inspection systems that protect passengers’ privacy and officials are considering the use of face-recognition cameras.

Recently, American officials have been encouraging the use of the full-body scanners.

Authorities say the scanners could have stopped a Nigerian man who planted explosives in his underwear in an attempt to bring down a plane bound for the U.S. last Christmas.

Several European countries have tested the technology, including the Netherlands, Britain and France. South Korea and Japan have begun test programs.

But the full body security scanners have remained controversial none the less. Critics have argued that the body scanners violate the passengers privacy by producing “naked” pictures and liken the procedure to “virtual strip searches.”

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