Dubai Airport Taxis to sell Bottled Water

Bottled Water will soon be available to buy on Dubai Airport Taxis

Bottled Water will soon be available to buy on Dubai Airport Taxis

Bottles of ice cold mineral water will soon be available for purchase when entering a taxi in Dubai.

DTC, The Dubai Taxi Corporation has announced that it will install mini water coolers along with water bottles in 350 taxis at Dubai airport as part of a 3 month trial period and that the service will be extended to more Dubai taxis if the scheme is viable.

Describing this as a first-of-a-kind service in a cab, Abdul Aziz Malik, DTC’s chief executive officer said the cost of the water bottles sold would be added to the taxi meter charge to avoid any irregularities. The DTC will also track all the daily sales and manage the transactions made.

Each half-litre bottle of water is expected to be priced at Dh1.

The Dubai airport taxis will be modified to fit the water coolers, which will be installed in the space between the driver and front passenger seats. The coolers have been designed to be compact and carry 6 x 500ml bottles.

The modified dubai taxis are likely to hit the roads by the end of this year due to the time needed for installations and safety checks.

The bottles will carry the logo of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and Dubai Taxi along with customer service telephone numbers.

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