Al Maktoum Airport Passenger Terminal for 2012

March 22, 2011 | By More
Al Maktoum Airport Passenger Terminal delayed to 2012

Al Maktoum Airport Passenger Terminal delayed to 2012

The opening of the passenger terminal at Al Maktoum airport is expected to be further delayed to 2012.

Plans are currently underway to add larger aircrafts and higher passenger numbers over the next year or so for Al Maktoum airport to become a scheduled passenger and cargo airport during 2012.

The opening of Al Maktoum airport which has been estimated to cost around $34 billion had been already delayed to the last quarter of 2011 from March.

Dubai’s second airport is set to be the world’s largest when it becomes fully operational and is being designed and constructed to have an expected passenger capacity of around 160 million people a year.

Passenger numbers at Dubai International Airport jumped by 10% to 4.25 million in January from a year ago. The passenger traffic rose 15% last year helped by the global economic recovery and was seen expanding 11% in 2011

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