Flydubai to shift to Al Maktoum Airport

November 30, 2011 | By More
Flydubai to shift to Al Maktoum Airport

Flydubai to shift to Al Maktoum Airport

Flydubai is set to shift operations to Al Maktoum Airport in Jebel Ali, according to Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum,  President of Dubai Department of Civil Aviation and Chairman and Chief Executive Emirates Airline and Group.

The move aims to reduce traffic congestion at Dubai Airport following increasing traffic and growth of fleets.

Sheikh Ahmed confirmed, the first phase of Al Maktoum Airport is going well and there is growth in freight traffic month after month. “Apart from flydubai, there are plans to transfer business aviation to Al Maktoum Airport,” he added.

Growth plans

Emirates is planning to start operations to new destinations such as in China, India, Russia and the Americas. However, he ruled out the idea of acquisition of other companies.

“The restriction on some new destinations in Germany and Canada will not hinder growth of the airlines, there are new plans in America which are much larger than those of Canada. Negotiations are on, it’s just a matter of time.”

Meanwhile, he said, “Concourse 3 at Dubai Airport, scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2013, will be the largest in the world and include 20 parking lots for A380s.

There is an ongoing process to regulate airspace as traffic of Emirates airlines continues to grow. This also means increased fuel consumption and, therefore, more operating expenses, he added.

Boeing 787 aircraft is very successful and excellent, but it is small for us and so we focus on 777R. The latest talk is 9777. The company will receive 72 A380 aircraft in the next five years of which 18 will be delivered next year,” he added.

Pilots Training Academy will have a capacity to accommodate 400 pilots at a given time and the first phase will be dedicated to Emirates airlines. Later other companies can train their pilots.


As for funding, there are many companies financing Emirates airlines, and negotiations with financiers are on-going, he added. “There are a group of banks that have been cooperating with the Emirates and funding our planes, he said.

“Emirates is working continuously to diversify its portfolio financing. Bond offerings will depend on the right time and price,” Sheikh Ahmed said.

Sheikh Ahmed expects Emirates to post better financial results than the  first half. Meanwhile, there has been 81% occupancy rate.

Last year 43% of operating expenses covered cost of fuel, he said and added that the drop in profits will not affect the company’s reputation as financiers are aware of the clean record of Emirates.

He said flydubai is second largest operator in Dubai Airport and flies to 43 destinations and has 20 planes.

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