Ramadan in Dubai


Ramadan in DubaiDubai During Ramadan

Visiting Dubai during Ramadan gives tourists a unique and authentic holiday experience. Based on the lunar calendar, it is the Holy Month of Islam.

Ramadan commemorates the time when the Koran was first revealed to the Prophet Mohammed. While international Muslims abstain from all food, drinks and smoking from dawn to dusk throughout the month, international hotels and resorts in Dubai continue to serve meals to international visitors. Alcohol can be purchased at licenced bars and restaurants from sunset onwards and most activities such as golf clubs, shopping malls, attractions and spas are open as usual but with altered opening times.

Dubai city really comes alive at night when visitors can join the Muslim population to break their fast (Iftar) and flock with friends and family to large tents to feast on a mouth-watering array of local dishes, smoke traditional shisha pipes and listen to traditional music such as the famous oud players. One point to note is that visitors should wear respectful clothing during this time – take a look at our ‘Dubai Know Before You Go‘ guide for more information on this.

And don’t forget Eid Al-Fitr, which is a 3 day festival for all that marks the end of Ramadan. Families exchange gifts, there are special public events arranged and yet more eating of delicious Arabic cuisine.

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