Dubai 7th Most Influential City in the World

December 27, 2014 | By More

Dubai CityDubai’s rise as a major global attraction for tourism, business and innovation was further enhanced with the release of a prestigious survey, rating it among the most influential cities in the world.

The internationally reputed Forbes magazine has rated Dubai the 7th most influential, ahead of many of the world’s greatest capitals.

The emirate was ranked ahead of global metropolitan cities such as Beijing, Sydney, San Francisco Bay Area, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Toronto, Houston, Seoul and Shanghai. It was also the only city from the Middle East among the top 10.

According to Forbes, London topped the ranking, followed by New York, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

The rankings were awarded to cities on the basis of the amount of direct foreign investment they have attracted, the concentration of corporate headquarters, how many particular business niches they dominate, air connectivity (ease of travel to other global cities), strength of producer services, financial services, technology and media power, and racial diversity.

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