Dubai Airport Disabled Services and Facilities

Passengers Requiring Special Assistance at Dubai Airport

Disabled Services at Dubai International AirportDubai Airport has some extensive disabled passenger facilities which are located throughout Dubai Airport’s terminal buildings and parking lots. Dedicated hotel rooms for disabled passengers are also available at the Dubai International Airport Hotel.

Dubai Airport provides special assistance services for Passengers with Restricted Mobility (PRM). If you are travelling through Terminal 1 or Terminal 2, it is important that you ask the airline you are travelling with to notify Dubai Airport about any specific requirements you may have. To contact the special assistance help desk at Dubai Airport call (+971) 04 216 2016 or if you are travelling via Terminal 3 on Emirates Airline, please contact Emirates Special Services on +971 4 505 7119 or +971 4 505 5053.

Dedicated wheelchair accessible desks are located between Rows A and B in the Departures Hall and electric carts are available to transport passengers to and from the Sheikh Rashid Departures concourse. Disabled passengers and those requiring special assistance at Dubai Airport can access dedicated lounges near gates 9 and 22. A dedicated lounge at Dubai Airport for disabled travellers is also available in the Arrivals hall and assistance is available for those with special needs as well as unaccompanied minors.

Personalised services are available upon request and include the issue of visitor passes to those escorting unaccompanied minors and passengers with special needs to the Departures zone at Dubai Airport.

For more information on Facilities for disabled passengers at Dubai Airport contact:

DNATA Special Services:

(+971) 4 216 4617

Further information:

(+971) 4 216 4615

Passengers Requiring the use of wheel chairs at Dubai Airport

Passenger requests for the use of wheelchairs should be made to the travel agent or directly with the airline when booking their flights.

Please Note that all airlines involved in the passenger’s itinerary must be advised when a passenger is using his own wheelchair.

Special Needs services at Dubai Airport

The list below outlines which services the Department of Civil Aviation provides for passengers requiring special assistance at Dubai International Airport:

  • A specially trained DCA Team (“Reaya”) ensures that courteous, professional and efficient service is provided to all passengers and visitors whatever their needs.
  • The Protocol and Public Relations Department provides governmental departments with free reception services for visiting delegations which include special needs members.
  • The DCA provides dedicated disabled car parking spaces at Dubai Airport.
  • Slip ways are provided on the perimeter roads of Dubai Airport, and pedestrian crossings are at road level.
  • In public areas of Dubai Airport the majority of access doors operate automatically.
  • Drinking fountains at Dubai Airport are wheelchair accessible.
  • Check-in desks and counters at Dubai Airport are wheelchair accessible.
  • Wheelchair accessible toilets and restrooms are available at Dubai Airport.
  • Dubai Airport Lifts are wheelchair accessible.
  • Club cars are available for transportation through Dubai Airport tunnels.
  • Access ramps are located between levels in the Departures food court.
  • All boarding gates at Dubai Airport are wheelchair accessible.
  • Porters at Dubai Airport are available to assist any passengers requiring special assistance.
  • 24 hour transport, including wheelchair-accessible transport is available to and from Dubai Airport and for travel throughout the UAE.
  • A reduced waiting time service is in place at Dubai Airport for passengers with special needs to avoid queuing.
  • DCA can arrange ‘on-board’ services for passengers at Dubai Airport with special needs on all airlines.
  • During travel to Hajj, special needs services and assistance are available to all Hajj passengers.
  • Free valet parking is available for holders of disabled parking permits at Dubai Airport.
  • Special parking is available in front of the DCA offices at Dubai Airport for holders of disabled parking stickers and permits.
  • Free parking in Terminals 1, 2 and 3 is available at Dubai Airport for holders of disabled driving licences and parking permits.
  • The Dubai Health Department has 24 hour wheelchair provision and assistance for all disabled passengers travelling through Dubai Airport.