RTA launches monthly Dubai Nol passes

September 12, 2011 | By More

RTA launches monthly Dubai Nol passesRegular commuters of the Metro in Dubai can now travel unlimited within their selected zones as RTA launches a variety of monthly passes for a fixed price.

The monthly Nol card passes come in 3 denominations of Dh100, Dh180 and Dh270, each with a particular travel plan.

The Dh100 pass is limited for travelling with in a zone, while the Dh180 pass would allow travelling between 2 neighbouring zones. The third pass which is worth Dh270 is a bargain as it allows unlimited travel across all travel zones in Dubai.

All 3 passes could be used to on public buses in Dubai as well as the Dubai metro and are valid for one month. The launch of the passes comes in time for the start of the Green Line and the RTA is expecting a steep rise in passenger numbers.

Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the RTA said..

“We expect a sharp increase in the number of public transport users with the launch of Green Line so the monthly pass is a reward for our regular customers. We hope a lot more people would use the Dubai Metro and buses in Dubai with the launch of the passes and save money on travelling,”

Existing Nol Blue card holders would be able to convert the same cards into any type of pass they want, free of charge, while those who don’t have Blue cards would have to buy the passes by paying Dh70.

Commuters can apply for the passes by filling a form at the Dubai Metro ticket counters or with retailers contracted with the RTA. The passes can also be renewed online at the end of every month.

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