Dubai set to be World’s Largest Airport

May 15, 2012 | By More

Dubai to Overtake Heathrow as Worlds Largest Airport

Dubai to Overtake Heathrow as Worlds Largest AirportDubai is set to overtake Heathrow by 2016 as the world’s largest international airport.

Last year Heathrow Airport handled 69.4 million passengers. With both parties opposing expansion and the building of a 3rd runway, it is set to be overtaken by Dubai international.

By 2020 Dubai Airport expects to cater for 90 million passengers due to the expansion of existing terminals and the construction of a new one capable of handling 20 giant Airbus A380s.

Even this is nothing compared to Dubai’s plans for a new monster airport by the middle of the next decade, Al Maktoum Airport at Dubai World Central.

With 5 runways, it is anticipated that Al Maktoum Airport will be able to handle 160 million people by the late 2020’s.

Its expansion plans along with the aggressive growth of Paris and Frankfurt has intensified pressure from aviation and business leaders for the Government to have a change of heart.

Katja Hall, the CBI’s Chief Policy Director, warned that Britain was in danger of becoming a “branch line” unless action was taken.

“The 11 major policy reviews on airport capacity since the last full-length runway was opened in the south of England in 1948 illustrate the degree of political challenge here. But the consequences of this indecision can no longer be ignored,”

“The UK is becoming a branch-line destination on the route map of global airlines. This is a damaging break in the UK’s export chain, and its consequences are a real concern for businesses across the country.”

Willie Walsh, the head of the International Airlines Group, welcomed the Coalition’s decision to re-open the debate on runway capacity in the South East, but added that all options should be considered.

James Hogan, the chief executive of Etihad, also called for Heathrow to be allowed to expand.

“We currently fly 3 services a day into Heathrow, we would like to operate 5.

“Heathrow will not be able to compete unless it opens another runway.”

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