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September 19, 2012 | By More

Dubai Luxury Taxi ServiceThe Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) and Roads &Transport Authority (RTA) has introduced a new luxury taxi service in Dubai aimed at serving customers better.

The fleet includes 20 high-end vehicles, all painted black, and driven by hand-picked drivers with excellent track records. Commuters will be offered high quality services, with privacy being one of the special features of these luxury taxis in Dubai.

These luxury taxis can be hired from a designated service counter at the arrivals/departure area of Dubai International Airport’s Terminal 3, or by calling the Booking and Dispatch Centre’s number 04-2080808. The service is also available from some public facilities.

The flag-down rate is Dh50 from the airport as well as through the dispatch centre. Credit cards are also accepted.

The fleet includes ten Infiniti M37 and ten Lexus S350 vehicles. More vehicles will be added to the fleet based on demand.

The new service has been launched in collaboration with DTC’s strategic partner’s

Mohammad Yousuf Saleh, Director of DTC’s Fleet Operations, said that the drivers of the luxury cabs were those who scored 100% in their assessments, with accident-free, offence-free and complaint-free driving records.

They underwent a series of initial tests in English language, general appearance and psychological aptitude, and were then subjected to practical and theoretical training in various areas including customer service and VIP service, and tested for proficiency, Saleh said.

Dubai already has a number of taxi services to facilitate various segments of commuters.

Ladies and families taxi service: Driven by specially trained lady drivers these luxury taxis are available for hire from 6 am to 2 am everyday. It is the first ever lady driven taxi service across the GCC.

In-Safe hands service: The service is designed mainly for women, children, students, families and people with special needs. It allows passengers to book the taxis for daily, weekly or monthly use after signing an agreement with the RTA.

DTC VIP Taxi service: Luxury vehicles driven by handpicked drivers who hold excellent track record. This service is also available at the Terminal 3 of the Dubai International Airport.

Special Needs Taxi service: These cabs, catering to those with special needs, can be reserved 24 hours in advance via the Dispatch Centre.

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