Dubai Airport Smart E-gates

October 19, 2012 | By More

Smart E-gates at Dubai Airport

Dubai Airport Smart E-gatesThe General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) will be installing 40 Smart e-Gates across Dubai Airport terminals to ease passenger entry and exit.

The system, equipped with retinal scan using a high-accuracy camera, will eliminate the need for the eye scan and e-Gate card currently issued by the GDRFA.

The new technology paves the way for a faster and more efficient movement of the growing number of passengers into and out of the world’s 4th busiest airport for international passengers.

Captain Khalid Al Filasi, Acting Director-General of the Information Technology Department at the GDRFA, said..

“Passengers across Dubai Airport’s terminals will finalise their entry or exit procedures within 4 seconds.”

“The Smart e-gate is a one stop shop that allows a faster and more convenient movement of the growing number of passengers through Dubai airports,” he added.

Dubai Airport Smart E-gate Process

The process for the smart e-gates at Dubai Airport simply involves scanning of the passport while the device automatically reads and compares the information with the backup installed data then face recognition together with the passport data will be saved automatically.

With this new technology at Dubai Interenational Airport, there is no need for prior user registration with the GDRFA, which is currently the case with the existing e-Gate card.

All holders of modern passports with barcodes that can be read by the e-reader, can use the e-Gate, including children above the age of 7.

Passengers who hold passports without e-readable barcodes can use the existing e-Gates or the conventional immigration counters to complete their entry or exit process at Dubai Airport.

Passengers at Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport will be able to check in and check out through smart e-gates from 1st January next year.

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Comments (11)

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  1. Ziad J A says:

    What about children less than 7 years old, they cannot use this system? Can they register for an e-gate card then and use that?


  2. we are not able to advise you on this and you would have to check with your wife or the airline you are planning to travel with

  3. jerwyn says:

    Hello.i have an inquiry. I have a free ticket benefits of my wife who is working in cebu pacific air question is im planning to use it this coming october 8. My airport of origin is from dammam. Im planning to do dubai by flydubai or air arabia which is cheaper. Since it a different airline and ill be transfering from one airline to another am i allowed to do so?


  4. Hi Dave,

    Please check with the airline you are travelling with to Dubai as they will be able to give you more detailed information on this and what you must do to use the smart E-gates.

  5. Dave says:


    If I am arriving at Dubai Airport terminal 1 via Brunei Airlines, do I need to go to the smart E-gate counter to register first time? By what date can I arrive and see smart E-gate ready for use?

    What about GDRFA use? I have latest modern Australian passport with barcode and chip in middle page of passport.


  6. Dear Ihab,

    Please get in contact directly with the airport information desk at dubai airport regarding this as they will be able to help you further

  7. Ihab el yaman says:


    Can I apply for a Smart E-gate at Dubai Airport terminal 2 ?

    I am travailing in from Dubai Airport terminal 2 heading to Beirut and I wish that I can apply for the E-gate there and take it with me back home to ease my way when I am back again on the 16th of may.


  8. You will indeed have time to shop within the terminal inbetween your connecting flight at Dubai Airport

  9. Szarina says:

    Next week I am scheduled to fly Emirates from Malaysia to Paris and will have a layover of 4 hours at Dubai airport before my connecting flight to Paris. Will I have enough time to shop at the airport, at which terminal?

    Thank you for your response.

  10. Hi Steven,

    You should indeed be able to use your new passport at the smart e-gates at Dubai Airport.

  11. Steven Fisher says:

    I am travelling for the first time to Dubai (arriving terminal 2) and I have a modern USA passport with barcode. Will I be able to use the Dubai Airport Smart E-gate Process for my first time to Dubai?

    Thank you.